Bollywood soundtrack producer Charanjit Singh decided he wanted to use disco sounds on a film score and in 1982 created one of the maddest records I’ve ever heard “Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat”. To achieve this Charanjit used a Rolland 303 and 808. The sounds created pre-dated the first acid house records of the mid 80’s. This is pioneering stuff.

Throbbing, hypnotic acid beats with bangra undertones is no novelty record but nothing short of breathtaking when you consider the context. This was only recently made commercially available and is a must listen for any fans of vintage future acid music. Then of course there is a rumour it may just be Aphex Twin. Buy it at Boomkat.

Charanjit Singh- Raga Malkauns

Charanjit Singh- Raga Yaman

Charanjit Singh – Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat


  1. Awright Cliff, this is a stupendous album. Pretty much all of them are acid squelch belters.

    See you in the IVY some time soon, probably a Thursday night for Mr & Mrs Smith playin’ the beats.


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