Out this week on Alpha Pup is the amazing debut album by US artist Free The Robots. His first long player has been a long time coming. Originally signed to Alpha Pup over two years ago, Free The Robots has put his heart and soul into this album. A journey of glitchy, bass heavy funk layered over each other to create waves of chunky sounds being shot through your speakers. There are many stand out tunes on offer from the guitar funk of “Turkish Voodoo” to the high flowing synths of “Inter Arma” before the bass arrives in fill force with “Orions Belt Buckle”.

This is really worth spending your money on and can be purchased here. Check out the samples below with a cheeky free download to boot.

Free The Robots – Orions Belt Buckle

Free The Robots – Turkish Voodoo

Free The Robots – Select/Start

Free The Robots – Ctrl Alt Delete – free download


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