Morphy - Morphyology Vol 1 - artwork - front

Glasgow’s Morphy is one of our favourite producers here at the Labs with his deep and dubby beats doing the business again and again. We’re chuffed to be offering up this wee bundle of free beats just in time for Christmas.

Inside “Morphyology Vol 1” you’ll find some tracks that have previously been released and some unreleased, so gather your family round the fire, get the mince pies on the go and get dubbed out yer nut.

Morphy – Morphyology Vol 1

Download ZIP file with all tracks, full size artwork and notes or download tracks individually below:

1. Dusty Stylus

2. Samfie Man

3. Warren Dub (Mix 2)

4. Ruffneck

5. Dub 11

6. Long Haul

7. Ruff Sound

Morphy himself had this to say about the bundle:

“This collection brings together previously unreleased material, “lost” dubs and some all time personal favourites – given away with the permission of the respective record labels who originally released them.

I wanted to do a collection of tunes that sums up the Morphy sound, from the ambient dub style through to the percussive jungle numbers.

Some of these tracks never got completed and other tracks never got released. So I thought instead of letting them gather dust on an external hard drive I would make them available to download.

I also wanted to include some of my favourite tracks from the last few years so that anyone who hasn’t heard them will get an idea of what my music is about.

By making this bundle of tunes available for free I hope I am showing my gratitude for all the support I have received.”

Morphy - Morphyology Vol 1 - artwork - back

Morphy – Morphyology Vol 1 – free download


  1. yo thanks for tunes!

    i’ve included one of them in a new mix i’ve just put on my site

    keep up the good work hope to hear more in 2011

    neil s


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