Mux Mool

US producer Mux Mool’s album “Skulltaste” was one of our favourite albums of 2010 and the arrival of new album “Planet High School” was greeted with suitable excitement here at the Labs.

It doesn’t disappoint and once again shows off the producers skills for adding various genres and tempos to his palette while continuing to wrap them up in his unique packaging of groove filled earworm hooks and catchy melodies that sound instantly recognisable and forever memorable.

You can grab the album from February 7th but grab a couple of freebies below courtesy of Pitchfork and brace yourself for the long player’s arrival.

Mux Mool – Raw Gore

Mux Mool – Palace Chalice

Mux Mool - Planet High School - artwork

Mux Mool – Planet High School (inc. free downloads)


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