Snow Ghosts

We’ve long been fans of Throwing Snow’s work around these parts but the recent announcement of an album from his new Snow Ghosts project with vocalist Hannah Cartwright AKA Augustus Ghost was admittedly met with trepidation.

We’ve seen it so many times in the past – brilliant electronic music producer teams up with vocalist for inevitable attempt at commercial success and ends up losing their mojo.

Fear not however as this definitely isn’t the way things have panned out.

First single “Murder Cries” appeared back at the end of April and quickly gained attention due to its moody electronica feel with folky leanings, phenomenal drums and hauntingly beautiful vocals.

It set the bar fairly high for the long-player that would follow and thankfully the bar is passed time and time again throughout. From the opening seconds of first track “The Hunted” the combination of ethereal vocals and fuzzy electronica combine perfectly to create a comfortably uneasy feel that permeates through almost every second of the album.

There are plenty of uplifting moments but the stand outs occur when proceedings take a darker turn such as in the Blue Daisy collab “Covenant” with its frantic drums and eerie synth worbles that recall FSOL at their finest. There’s no lack of breathing space however with tracks such as “Time Listens” stripping things back and letting Cartwright’s voice sit front and centre.

It’s a truly great album that constantly twists and turns just when you think you’ve heard all it has to offer and its appeal should spread far and wide.

The album lands at the start of July and you can get your pre-order on now over at the Houndstooth Store.

Snow Ghosts - A Small Murmuration - artwork

Snow Ghosts – A Small Murmuration


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