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Glasgow’s Soma Records is undoubtedly one of the biggest electronic music imprints in the world with a back catalogue packed to the brim with genre-defining moments and classics including Slam’s “Positive Education”, Funk D’Void’s “Diabla” and countless more.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with the fine folks at the label to present a new series entitled “Soma Selects” showcasing the production talent coming through their release schedule. The regular feature will include a DJ mix and Q&A with one of their latest signings or a talent they’d just like to shine a light on.

First into the fold is Berlin’s Oliver Deutschmann. He’s now adding to his already impressive armoury of beats for labels such as Polytone and AIM with the brilliant “Dazed & Confused” release for Soma which you can pick up right now over at the Soma Shop.

He’s kindly put together this brilliant mix for the first edition of “Soma Selects” and its full of quality material from the likes of DJ W!ld and Matrixxman with a healthy spreading of classics throughout from Aphex Twin, Joey Beltram, Armando and much more (full tracklisting over on Soundcloud).

Stream or download the mix below and read on to find our more about Soma’s latest signing.

Tell us about the mix, how did you approach it and what can listeners expect to hear?

This one is a mixture between some pretty old tracks from the 90s, an era that is, for me, the maybe most inspired, most creative and most thrilling time in house and techno. I combined it with some newer tunes that I like to play right now when I do a housier set.

I played so many dark techno sets the last months that I felt the need to go back to my roots a bit with this mix. It’s just a bunch of timeless dance music that listeners can expect and I hope it forces them to dance on their kitchen or office tables while listening to it.

Tell us about one piece of music that inspired you to become a DJ or producer and why/how did it have such an effect?

It were the hr3 radio clubnights in Germany in the early 90s. I was listening to recorded mixes on tape in a friends car driving to my first Omen night with Sven Väth behind the decks in Frankfurt.

Also the power of those early years in Techno in Germany simply blew me away. That’s it.

What’s your current sure-fire dancefloor killer?

Well that changes all the time! Let’s say, right now it’s “Energy Flash” from Joey Beltram. Worked back then, works now and it will work in a hundred years as well.


Who’s your favourite DJ and why?

Hard to pick one, there are a lots I adore and respect so much. XDB and Ed Davenport are for sure two of those because they always surprise me when it comes to selection and technically they are incredible. You might be a great selector but if you can’t mix it’s not worth a thing on the dancefloor.

Oliver Deutschmann - Dazed & Confused - artwork

Oliver Deutschmann is first in the spotlight as we launch the new Soma Selects series


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