Richie Hawtin

The XLR8R podcast series constantly delivers top quality mixes from the best dj’s and producers in the world of electronic music and who better to take on their 200th podcast than Mr Richie Hawtin AKA Plastikman.

The man himself explains the idea behind the mix:

One of the most common questions over the years has been what is the difference between Richie Hawtin and Plastikman. My most common answer is that Richie Hawtin is, or has become, the extrovert on stage, playing, performing, and partying with/for the audience, while Plastikman has remained connected to my more introverted side. A side that feels more comfortable locked away with my machine or hiding behind a curtain of technology, creating my own unique and personal take on electronic music.

For this podcast, I decided to experiment with the idea of how one of my personas would interpret the other: What would happen if Hawtin met Plastikman, or visa versa. So here, you will find a reinterpretation of a live Hawtin DJ set recorded at the Bermuda festival on November 6, 2010. Cut up, slowed down, shifted, and time-displaced to take the feel and experience of Hawtin into the realm of Plastikman.

Stream below and head on over to XLR8R to download.

Richie Hawtin vs Plastikman – XLR8R Podcast


Caution / Avenger / Chatter / Co-ordinate / Position / Approach / Cyclops / Abandoned / Ghosts / Arrival

Richie Hawtin vs Plastikman – XLR8R Podcast


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