Cat No: PL005
Artist: River of Slime
Release Date: Monday 27th June 2011

The fifth outing from the Phuturelabs label sees River of Slime welcomed into the fold. Also known as the keyboard player in the band FOUND, this is his first solo outing. Taking in elements of electronica, hip hop, house, dubstep and pretty much everything else inbetween, Volume One is an MPC driven journey for those with a taste for the left of centre.

Remixes come from S-Type (LuckyMe), Paranoise and Scatabrainz and Dj support has been coming in thick and fast from the likes of Sinden, Om Unit, Hostage and Eclair Fifi amongst many others with radio play featuring on networks such as BBC Radio 1, Kiss and Capital FM.

First up to the remix queue is Glasgow’s S-Type. We’ve been following the producer’s work for a few years now (he popped up on our second release with his “Medusa EP”) and he recently signed with LuckyMe so this rework gives you a taster of what’s coming next from him. It’s a short n snappy burst of futuristic goodness that successfully dodges the genre pigeonholes and sounds like nothing you’ve heard recently.

Edinburgh producer Paranoise steps up next and delivers a lovely house rework that dips it’s toes in the worlds of garage and dubstep and Glasgow’s Scatabrainz closes the remixes with a moody hip hop rework that recalls Flying Lotus and his ilk.

The original is a 17 minute MPC jam that will wreck and cuddle your head in equal measures. Wandering from Motown style vocal hooks to crunched up evilness through breaks, beats and dark electronica all in the same breath.

PL005 - River of Slime - artwork

Thanks to Colin Elliot for the artwork and Tommy Perman for the image below.

River of Slime

PL005 – River of Slime – Volume One


Future Sound of London obsessive with a taste for moody house, techno and drum n bass. I was also rather partial to speed garage and am still slightly obsessed with early 90s rave. To keep up with more of my shocking banter or to get in touch you can get me on Google+ and Twitter.