They’re widely regarded as one of the finest production outfits to ever grace electronic music and over the past two decades The Black Dog have undoubtedly been behind some of its finest moments. From their origins in the “Bytes” album in 1993 through to their many outings for esteemed imprints such as Warp and Soma before shifting towards their own Dust Science imprint, they’ve rarely taken a mis-step.

The third volume in their “Sound of Sheffield” series has just arrived and it’s the dusty beauty of second track “Spanner” that’s ticking all the right boxes round these parts

The trio have of course never hidden their love for their home city of Sheffield and while many of the cities larger acts will be known to the majority of us, we were kind to find out about the music from the Steel City that slipped under the radar and perhaps didn’t quite get the accolades it deserved. Who better to ask than The Black Dog themselves…

10 underrated and lost Sheffield classics courtesy of The Black Dog

Stunt Kites Live In Weston Park – 1980

This sums up Sheffield perfectly, someone writing how brilliant this gig was but didn’t clap at all while watching it, that’s Sheffield for you.

The Prams – Night Fever – 1979

Slightly out of time and way slower than live but still a great song, they did loads of gigs and had a big following but like their guitar solos it just wasn’t to be.

The Deaf Aids – Do It Again – 1979

This is really well produced and something we noticed even back then. They played a great gig at The Hallamshire that ended in a riot, fantastic.

The Midnight Choir – Leanora’s Bedtime Stories – 1983

A reference to a Stunt Kites track but a brilliant band live and on vinyl, Simon is such a great bass player and they were all a great bunch of outsiders.

Mau Maus – Just Another Day – 1983

Martin’s best mate’s band and one of the first UK hardcore bands, amazing live.

Vice Versa – New Girls Neutron – 1980

They became ABC but before that they wrote the blueprint for Downwards Records.

The Blades – The Greasy Chip Butty Song – 1982

Perhaps the best football song ever written.

Dig Vis Drill – I’m Hip, I’m Vain – 1986

Strange band, much better live and really animated, they played a big part in the local scene.

Screaming Trees – Asylum – 1987

Just as dance music was coming in they switched from anarcho punk to this, good lads.

Death Trash Live – 1987

They lasted about two gigs but it was great fun even if it was just straight up rock and roll. No one danced.

The trio also put together this Sheffield Favourites mix recently with some more well known bits and bobs in there – get your ears around that below:

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