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Dubmonger – Dub Of The Living Dead EP

Glasgow producer Dubmonger delivers six new tracks of top quality echo-packed goodness.

Jul, 31

Loving On The Flip Side, Sweet Funk and Beat-Heavy Ballads

The art of crate digging has been all but destroyed by the ease of availability of music these days and the thrill of discovering a forgotten bit of vinyl with an amazing unexposed b-side is …

Jul, 28

Cornershop – Solid Gold (Tal M. Klein remix) – free download

This is a cheeky little free download from Tal M. Klein as he feeds his Cornershop obsession while also bursting out some acid at the same time. Acid pop maybe be what its should be …

Jul, 04

Cooh and Temper D – Snow Storm – free download

While both Cooh and Temper D have a reputation for more hard edged dancefloor dnb, this collaboration sees them in more laid back territory. For the price of a click and your email address you …

Jun, 28

Breakage – Telepathy – free download

Things seemed to have been fairly quiet on the production front of late for Breakage but this tasty number on the recent Digital Soundboy Fabric mix showed he’d been keeping himself busy. It’s a brilliant …

Jun, 26

#Unknown project delivers tune after tune with great free downloads

You may or may not have heard of #Unknown. It is an account on Soundcloud where tracks are released with no title or artist. Some are stream only and some are free. They intend to …

Jun, 26

Kelpe – Midsommar – free download

A cheeky free download from Kelpe to celebrate the summer (cue rain and thunder) and having 5000 followers on Soundcloud. It’s a beautiful track that grows into itself as its plays. Don’t forget he has …

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Jun, 25


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