Glasgow’s 48K collective have been putting on some rather fine nights over the past couple of years. The focus on classic early 90s breakbeat hardcore alongside an intimate vibe inside a bowling club has led word of the events to spread far and wide.

They’ve taken their show on the road recently with a couple of events outwith their usual venue and Friday 24th of May sees them take up home at new location St Vincent Bowling Club in Finnieston.

To get you warmed up for the event we caught up with the resident DJ team to find out about 10 lost rave classics that you’ll be likely to hear at a 48K event.

Dragon Fly – Visions of Rage (92 Remix) (BTB Records)

Even the Vikings were producing hardcore in 92. This 12″ was made and distributed in Sweden, hence still a tricky one to track down.

Twinhead – U Said U (Metropolis)

UK/Canadian collaboration, with a dirty Prodigy style sound. There are a few different mixes kicking around, but this is by far the most accessible with the chipmunk vocals being kept to a minimum.

Skanna – Untitled – Nightstalker EP (Skanna)

Undisputed champion of the dark sound of 93. Sadly he went on to produce house music from around 95 onwards…..ouch.

Release – Passion (Contagious Records)

AKA Rush Puppy and Nigel Broad, who has connections to the early days of RAM Records. Classic break, piano, pitched-up female vocal; what more could one possibly desire.

Foul Play – Ragatere – Foul Play Vol.1 (Oblivion Records)

First release for the hardcore pioneers. Ragatere just edges it for me with it’s early reggae influence, although all 4 tracks on the EP are top notch.

Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era – Peace and Loveism (Suburban Base)

Proper hands in the air rush-arama style business from the man like Danny Breaks.

Economix – 5′ AD – Economix EP (No Label Info)

Bordering on cheese, some may even say happy hardore, but IMO this is the probably the most uplifting hardcore track ever made.

Maybe it’s the Monty Python coconut shell galloping percussion, I just don’t know. Play loud while dancing on top of the living room table.

M.A.N.I.C. – I’m Comin’ Hardcore (Union City Recordings)

This anthem from 1991 constantly finds its way into the 48k crates. An infectious piano riff and chunky breakbeat keeps us coming back for more.

Liquid Crystal – Inner Sense (Bizarre)

An epic atmospheric track with the usual dark moody aesthetic of the acid house days.

Caustic Window – R2D2 (Rephlex Records)

Vintage beats from Richard D James. Star Wars samples and rave stabs, nuff said!

They’ve also put together a tidy new mix for your ears:

So make sure to get yourself along to the next 48K on Friday 24th of May and keep an eye on their Facebook page for event updates.

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