48k thang - fill this in

Glasgow’s 48K collective have been doing their “rave in a bowling club” thang for a few years now and while they’ve occasionally ventured into the odd pub and club venue, it’s to the bowling clubs they always return.

Anyone who’s yet to make it along to one of their events is missing out on a night of quality old skool breakbeat and rave shenanigans with a crowd of like-minded folks in the kind of venue you’re unlikely ever to have heard tunes from Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era or Caustic Window before.

They’ve got a double event bonanza coming up at the start of May and first they venture out to sometime venue The Art School where they’ll be providing the second room shenanigans while Mungo’s Hi-Fi and the legendary Ragga Twins take up position in the upstairs hall on Saturday May 3rd. Once they’ve recovered and got themselves back together they’ll be taking once again to regular haunt St Vincent Bowling Club on Friday May 9th with two secret special guests joining them on the Technics.

For each event they also record a special mix to cassette which is then given out on the evening of the bowling club, the tapes are in limited quantities but we’ve managed to get a hold of the next mix as a special wee treat. Get clicking below, there’s no tracklist but the music’s described as:

“80% Belgium with a splatter of German & Italian with a wee cheeky UK hardcore number to finish off with. As heard in Bowling clubs across Belgium in 1991. Music from labels such as Music Man, Beat Box, R&S, Dance Opera & Mackenzie

Ragga Twins, 48K and Mungo's Hi Fi at the Art School - artwork

48k at St Vincent Bowling Club - Friday 9th May - poster


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