Boris Werner

It’s without a doubt that his Voyage Direct label carries the same high levels of quality control to which Tom Trago assigns his own productions and Boris Werner’s debut for the imprint is one of its finest to date.

The Dutch producer has been turning in top drawer material for the likes of Remote Area and Get Physical and his spacey techno meanderings have been a firm favourite around these parts. This latest 12″ sees Werner turn in a lovely slab of 303-laden techno for first track “Acid Casino” and while we’re suckers for anything that puts the silver box to good use, it’s the track on the flip-side “Upstairs or Downstairs” that really does the trick.

It’s a brilliantly tripped out number with floaty pads, stretched out synths and a haunting feel that recalls classic sci-fi soundtracks.

Check previews of both tracks below and get your pre-order on over at Juno.

Werner’s also a rather fine DJ as this exclusive mix for Sankeys NYC shows, get it doon the pipes.


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