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Boys Noize presents A Tribute To Dance Mania

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While a lot of labels in the world of electronic music like to operate under the pretense that their output happily skips genre boundaries with ease and goes way beyond the world of the DJ tool, Dance Mania had no such illusion or delusions of grandeur.

The infamous Chicago label continuously offered up top notch house and techno goodies from its inception in 1985 that found their homes on the dancefloor and proved prime mix fodder. Not to underplay the quality of the material however as the back catalogue is packed with many a timeless classic from the likes of Lil Louis and Robert Armani.

Releases over the past 10 years have been a little on the sporadic side and Alexander Ridha AKA Boys Noize has decided to gather together the great and the good of the current house and techno worlds to pay tribute to this fine imprint that has influenced so many.

The stellar line up takes in Tom Trago, Bok Bok, SCNTST, Feadz, Bart B More, Boys Noize himself and many more with Dance Mania’s boss DJ FUNK also making an appearance.

Check out the Pipes track below for a taster and keep an eye on the Boys Noize Soundcloud for more tasters soon.

Available from the 25th of November and available to pre-order now at Juno.

Boys Noize presents A Tribute To Dance Mania - artwork


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