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It’s without a doubt that Madtech is currently one of the most consistent labels in the world of house and each release has maintained the high quality bar that you’d expect from any label with Kerri Chandler at the helm.

London producer Celsius is next up on their release schedule and while he’s already impressed with outings for Moda Black and Uno Mas and a previous appearance on Madtech, it’s with this EP that he’s set to take things up a notch.

Both tracks pack in the classic house sound that you’d expect but both come with a serious amount of sub bass that lands just on the perfect side of crunchy. The overall weight of the lower frequencies and the shuffly percussive elements give the tracks a brilliant dark garage feel with the dynamic range filled out nicely.

Get your ears around the previews below and pop on over to Juno to get your pre-order on ahead of release on May 19th.

Celsius also turned in a tidy mix for Pack London recently, grab that below and head on over to their pages to read an interview:


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