Glasgow imprint High Sheen has built up a small but perfectly formed back catalogue of material and also introduced the world to Mia Dora along the way. While the majority of their output has been fairly dancefloor focused, for their first outing in 2014 they’ve taken things down a notch or two in the nicest possible way.

Their latest release sees them welcome production duo Modifier, funnily enough also more previously known for “thumpier” material (their brilliant “Shady Lane” being a firm favourite around these here parts), with the icy sounds of “Haptic”.

It’s a beautiful slab of electronically fuelled pop with its spliced vocals feeling more like an additional instrument and sitting perfectly alongside the crisp drums, percussion, crunchy bleeps and haunting piano line. As with all the best music it manages to body swerve any easy genre tagging and can be slotted into the pigeon hole entitled “good music”.

Forget any preconceptions you may have had of the label or artist and just get stuck in.

Release is imminent, you can get your pre-order on now over at Juno.

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