While Prague-based producer and DJ Jag Kirinmay might be a new name to you, he won’t stay that way for long. With a small but perfectly formed back catalogue of top drawer house and techno his material is quickly finding itself in the playlists of the great and the good and his new EP for Seva is his finest work to date.

The “One Culture EP” takes in two originals from the man himself and its the lead track that does all the business for our ears around these parts, it’s a wee beauty of a roller that works its way into your memory with nicely crunchy sub bass, airy synth work and perfectly placed percussion.

Get your ears around the track below and keep an eye out for the EP landing on the 18th of March.

Jag was first and foremost a DJ before he took up production and his time on the turntables has seen him take to stages as big as the Ultra Music Festival as well as the darker and dirtier clubs we favour.

To get a taster of those skills and find out a bit more about the man himself we asked if he’d put us together a guest mix and he’s kindly delivered a bit of a belter packed end to end with top drawer house and techno including some crackers from the man himself.

Get in about it at the top of the page and keep an eye on Jag’s Facebook page for release/gig info.


1. Doubtingthomas – Delayered (Original Mix)
2. Crocodile Soup – LHomme Mystere (Original Mix)
3. Miroslav Petkovic – Some Musik (Original Mix)
4. Jag Kiranmay – Yellow Day (Lozan Remix)
5. Pablo Marco – Farewell Dub (Original Mix)
6. Dio Dao – Mentola (Original Mix)
7. Liro – La Luna (Original Mix)
8. Ashworth , Aggborough – Little Helper 158-1 (Original Mix)
9. Jag Kiranmay – Copycat (Original Mix)
10. Jamahr – Mental Step (Original Mix)
11. Jag Kiranmay – One Culture (Lozan Remix)

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