The musical output of Richard Smith AKA L/F/D/M first popped into our ears via the brilliant “Purple Maps EP” on the esteemed Optimo Traxx imprint and we were immediately hooked on its squelchy goodness and eagerly awaited new material from the man.

That would arrive in the shape of an equally great 12″ for Clan Destine and now, a full length album for Ecstatic – the analogue fuelled “M Is A Shape” – taking in the sound of classic techno and EBM whilst still sounding thoroughly unique and up-to-date in its sound and structure. The intricacies found within the tracks showcase a talent for creating complex colour palettes and wide soundscapes while utilising space and subtle melodies perfectly.

In order to get know the man behind the moniker a bit better, we asked if he’d put us together a guest mix and the resulting 30 minute recording is a wonderful journey into the dark taking in material from Shifted, Terrence Dixon, Spanish industrial band Esplendor Geometrico and more.

Check out the mix at the top of this post and get your ears around “Insect Cylinders”, one of the album’s finest moments below.

Grab “M Is A Shape” over at Juno.

Mix tracklist:

Shifted – You’re a Replacement
Not Waving – Act of Memory
Nocturnal Emissions – Wee Wee Wee
Terrence Dixon – Musical Promises
The Flying Lizards – Steam Away
Consumer Electronics – Co-opted
Godley & Crème – I Pity Inanimate Objects
Esplendor Geometrico – Primera Tundra
Starflight – Dance To The Beat

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