Marc Philipp

As part of the Jacuzzi Boys he’s been responsible for some rather fine house and techno for labels such as Cécille and OFF with their own 87 imprint also racking up the quality releases, but now it seems it’s time for Marc Philipp to grab a towel and step out on his own with some solo material.

The “Rezo EP” for Epilog sees the German producer in fine fettle with three tracks of solid dusty house sure to find favour with those with a taste for nostalgia. The title track kicks things off with some spacey synth action working its magic over a tough back end with ample amounts of sub. Second track “Dikam” takes things down a few notches and moves away from the straight 4/4 to a shuffly break driven backing while closer “Aechel” puts the emphasis on the soundscape and eases up on the drums.

Grab the EP on 12″ vinyl over at Juno.

Marc is also rather nifty on the old turntables and he’s kindly delivered a top notch guest mix to showcase his skills. Tunes from Petre Inspirescu, Fumiya Tanaka and more make the cut alongside his own material in a lovely hour long slab of house goodness.

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01. Thilo Dietrich & Muanda -­ Tiltis
02. ZTRL ­- Astrac
03. Fumiya Tanaka ­- Deep Colombia
04. Cumsecade -­ Tobosarul
05. Vinyl Speed Adjust -­ Beatrok
06. Oscar Schubaq -­ Take it
07. L.A. Club -­ Resource
08. Daniel Roth & Christian Burkhardt -­ Spread your legs
09. Marc Philipp -­ Rezo
10. Frost – ­ Nitetraxx 2
11. Petre Inspirescu ­- Sakadat
12. Marc Philipp -­ Aechel


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