Nottingham-based producer and DJ Michael McLardy has been steadily climbing the house ranks with outings for the likes of ALiVE and Save You while also building the reputation of his own Left Wing Recordings with some brilliant new production talent at the controls alongside regular releases from the man himself.

22 Digit are the latest label to welcome McLardy into the fold and the “Caffeine River EP” showcases his talent brilliantly with two darks of moody house with plenty of bottom end.

To help the uninitiated get a taste of the producer’s sound and show off his talent behind the turntables he’s kindly put us together this brilliant mix of lovely spacey house packed with plenty of his own forthcoming productions.

Get your ears around the mix at the top of the page and check out his new EP below, then do your ears a favour and pop over to Junodownload and pick it up…

Mix tracklisting:

01. Michael McLardy – Entropy (Left Wing Recordings)
02. Stacie-Anne Churchman – Paddling Pool (Left Wing Recordings) forthcoming
03. Porque – Lento (Left Wing Recordings) forthcoming
04. Michael McLardy – River (22 Digit Records)
05. Kashawar – I’m Falling (Leftback Records) forthcoming
06. Matt Star – Stromspannung (Leftback Records) forthcoming
07. Michael McLardy – Disorder (Left Wing Recordings)
08. Michael McLardy – Ghost Matter (Left Wing Recordings)
09. Michael McLardy & Dudley Strangeways – Skirmish (Leftback Records) forthcoming
10. Michael McLardy & Svet – Coffee Machine (22 Digit Records)
11. Luke Black – Melvin’s House (Left Wing Recordings) forthcoming
12. Mano Andrei – Inside (Left Wing Recordings) forthcoming

Future Sound of London obsessive with a taste for moody house, techno and drum n bass. I was also rather partial to speed garage and am still slightly obsessed with early 90s rave. To keep up with more of my shocking banter or to get in touch you can get me on Google+ and Twitter.