I’m ashamed to say that US producer Nick León is a new name on me but his “inorganic EP” on Space Tapes quickly marked him out as a man to watch.

Taking in spacey ambience, electronica and floaty house it’s a brilliant piece of work that brings a summery haze with it (despite it being absolutely chucking outside at the mo) and will likely send you checking out his previous work as nø exit.

Get your ears around the EP below and hop on over to Boomkat to snap it up if you know what’s good for your ears.

To help you (and us) get familiar with this brilliant producer, we asked if he’d put us together a guest mix and he’s turned in a brilliant mix of crunchy electronica, house and techno from the likes of patten, AFX, Lapalux and more.

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1. Wee – Aeroplane (reprise)
2. MAST – the polytetrahedron
3. AFX – serge fenix rendered 2
4. Mr. Oizo – Destop
5. Nick León – Fog Drip
6. Patten – re-edit 8
7. Nick León x *Poshgod* – Tex Mex (unreleased)
8. Jimi Nxir – Between the Green
9. Lapalux – Sum Body
10. Mndsgn – Exchanging

Guest mix: Nick León (Space Tapes)


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