It’s been a while since we’ve had a guest mix on the site (mainly thanks to Soundcloud deleting our account and causing an admin nightmare) so we’re proud to be back in the game with a wee bit of a belter.

Phil Gerus is a producer we’ve been keeping an eye on and his releases for Madtech and ManMakeMusic have hugely impressed us. His latest outing sees him deliver a brilliant four-tracker in the shape of the “Now Is Gone EP” for the esteemed Futureboogie and he’s put us together a tidy mix to mark the occasion.

The EP’s packed to the brim with funk and 80s grooves and the mix continues the theme with absolute belters from the likes of Morris Day (of The Time) and Melba Moore alongside some house goodness from No Artificial Colours and DJ Haus and more with a nice sprinkling of his own material to top things off nicely.

In about it.


1. Morris Day – Don’t Wait For Me
2. Change – Hard Times (Ziggy Phunk Workout Edit)
3. Pin D’Angio – Okay Okay (G.A. Edit)
4. Phil Gerus – Sentimentally Yours (Edit)
5. Nelue – Right on Time
6. Melba Moore – It’s Really Love
7. Lipelis – Weirdshit Xu Paelk (ft. Simple Symmetry)
8. Nami Shimada- Sunshower
9. Koko – Ivan
10. Phil Gerus – Better Sing It To Me First
11. SSOL – Untitled A1
12. Phil Gerus – Never Coming Back
13. Memory Man – Memory Man (Hashman Deejay Libra Dub)
14. No Artificial Colours – Bounce
15. Jess and Crabbe – Big Booya
16. Donnovan – I Can Make You Happy (Deeper Dubb)
17. Houz’mon – Hump That Booty
18. DJ Haus – Hey Now, Wait A Minute
19. P O T – Side A
20. The Seatbelts – Road To The West

Get your ears around his brilliant Futureboogie EP below:

Guest mix: Phil Gerus (Futureboogie/Madtech/ManMakeMusic)


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