While the arguments over the relative merits of software vs hardware when it comes to music production have raged long into the night in many a darkly lit establishment, it’s hard to disagree with the overall sound and feel achieved using purely hardware. One such producer who’s acutely aware of this is Holland’s Thorsteinssøn.

His unique brand of quality electro and house laced with plenty of analogue funk has popped up on imprints such as Legendary Sound Research, Horse on Horse, Solar Industry and more with his live sets also popping up around Europe’s finest clubs and also the occasional train.

To give us an insight into his sound he’s put together this brilliant guest mix for us featuring a whole host of his own material with tunes from Caravaggio1976, Tommy Vicari Jnr and others in a blend of timeless house that should please the old timers amongst us and provide an education for those in their younger years.

His next release lands on 11th of December on the aforementioned Horse on Horse in the shape of the “Sometimes You Know EP”, a four-tracker taking in classic disco sounds and acid-fuelled electro and house. It’s a bit of a belter. Get yer pre-order on over at Juno.

Mix tracklisting:

1. Dont Care – Thorsteinssøn
2. 7 Minutes – Thorsteinssøn
3. Scenario 60 – Caravaggio1976 Version
4. Why Can’t You.. – Vigo (Dj Raw Edit)
5. LIVE AT CITY GARDENS – Tommy Vicari Jnr
6. Same Place all the time – 76 79
7. Chances Discotheque – Caravaggio1976
8. Give Me Your Love – Tommy Vicari Jnr
9. Got To Give It Up – Marvin G. Pittman – (SSØN EDIT)
10.Beat So Clear – Dj Raw
11.Over And Over And..- Tommy Vicari Jnr
12.Untitled Disco Two – Thorsteinssøn

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