Without a doubt two of the most respected producers in the world of house and techno Gary Beck and Mark Broom have solid reputations formed from impressive back catalogues of top notch material for some of the world’s finest labels as well as their own.

Gary Beck’s productions first made their way onto vinyl in the mid 2000s and releases for Edit Select, Saved and Perc Trax showcased his talents before signing with Soma and delivering the brilliant “Bring A Friend” long player. Mark Broom’s story goes back a bit further with his first material appearing in the early 90s and while many an esteemed imprint have played host to his material while his own Pure Plastic and Beard Man imprints were and are a must for with a taste for top drawer techno and electronica.

While Beck and Broom have remixed each others material in the past the latest outing for Gary’s Bek Audio sees them collaborate for the first time on the “Borders EP”. The four-tracks contained within include a track each from the producers and two joint productions, all surefire certs to pick up a place in the digital crates of those looking for some dancefloor friendly techno with enough space in the sounds to keep things interesting.

You can grab the EP now over at Juno.

To find out a bit about how they’ve influenced each others work we caught up with them and asked if they’d pick out five of their favourites from each other’s back catalogues – over to Gary and Mark…

Gary on Mark…

Mark Broom – Stag

I was lucky enough to sign this to my label BEK Audio. This track is so full of energy! It also has one of the best breakdowns I’ve ever heard in a techno track. The synth he used is absolutely brilliant.

Lighter Thief – Like Dat – Beardman

This track was released on Beardman under Marks ‘Lighter Thief’ alias. I love this track so much. It fits perfectly into both funky sets and hard techno sets. It’s so much fun to play.

Mark Broom – She Don’t Like The Collar – Edit Select

I still remember the day Tony Scott (Edit Select) sent me this track. He mentioned it was a new track from Mark which he was considering for his label. He asked my opinion and I was gobsmacked! It’s a very simple track with only a few channels however the impact it makes is amazing. One solo synth is used over a deep powerful groove which works on the floor every time.

Mark Broom – Meltin Pot – Saved

This track was released on Saved records about 4 or 5 years ago. It blew my mind at the time. Such a well produced track with infectious alarm synths and a wicked groove.

Mark Broom & James Ruskin – Hostage – Blueprint

This collaboration with James and Mark is nothing short of exceptional. It’s a very powerful and functional track which still sets dance floors alight to this day.

Mark on Gary…

Ben Sims – Love And Hurt – Gary Beck Remix

I’m a big fan of these two producers & Gary does not disappoint with this remix, he manages to capture that Hardgroove style that Sims is famous for whilst adding a touch of Beck!

Gary Beck – Egoist

This is one of my favourites, great production & superb atmosphere, always goes down well whenever I play it.

Gary Beck – Grounded

We’ve just released an EP together combing two joint efforts & two solo tracks, this one from Gary takes his sound back to the hypnotic vibe he was famous for back in the day!

Gary Beck & Edit Select – Ploy

What a great team they were, fusing Tony’s super reduced arrangements & Gary’s use of vocal FX. Always works a treat in any dark chamber.

Mark Broom – Verve – Gary Beck Mix

Wicked remix that was overlooked I think, really FAT kick & bass action, was a real pleasure having Gary do something for my label!

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