From the first appearance of his cover of The Replacement’s “Swingin’ Party” back in 2009 it was plain for all to see that Adam Bainbridge AKA Kindness has a talent for producing quality funk and soul with a timeless feel and while it would take until February 2012 for his debut album “World, You Need a Change of Mind” to grace our ears it was more than worth the wait.

The album had a thoroughly hypnotic feel, was without doubt one of 2012’s finest and had, for me, the feeling of a one off piece of gold. I was convinced that Mr Bainbridge would sneak off to the shadows and that would be the last we’d hear of his Kindness moniker, left with this sole long-player. It was not to be however and he kindly (erm…) spent the last couple of years busy working on a follow up that’s set to land next week entitled “Otherness”.

Continuing nicely where his debut left off, the opener “World Restart” sets the tone perfectly with its smokey horn line and guest vocals from Kelela and Ade but it’s quickly clear to see the advances that Bainbridge has made as a producer, his overall sound has become sharper, cleaner and surprisingly even slightly funkier. His own vocals take centre stage as we go on and while some more guests pop in (Robyn does her best Kate Bush impersonation on the ace “Who Do You Love?”) it’s mostly a one man show and all the better for it.

There are lighter moments such as “Geneva” and “For The Young” but it’s when he cranks up the lower end and steps up the drums that he provides his best work, there’s plenty here for fans of both sides of his material though and altogether it’s a damn fine album that continues to prove that artists such as himself flourish delivering on a longer form.

Released on October 13th and available to pre-order now in a lovely vinyl and CD pack over at Juno.

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