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10 Best: DJ Equipment 2014

Marco Bernardi talks kit, clubs and favourite producers ahead of his new EP for Hypercolour

Marco Bernardi

Glaswegian producer Marco Bernardi has been slowly and steadily building up a back catalogue of incredible house and techno over the past 10 years with quality outweighing quantity. Over the years his material has made its way onto such esteemed imprints as Clone, Crème Organization and Planet E and the latest label to recruit his talents is Hypercolour.

The “Music For Short Attentions EP” for the label does a wonderful job of once again showcasing Marco’s talent for creating classy techno with plenty of dancefloor oomph but also packing in plenty of space, atmosphere and depth.

Preview the EP below and get your pre-order on over at Juno ahead of its March 10th release.

We managed to catch up with Marco for a quick chat to quiz on his favourite kit, producers and clubs, he had this to say:

Marco on kit…

“Jeesus thats a hard one as I have had so many amazing machines bought, sold, swapped and scrapped throughout the years. I think the top of my list would have to be either my Prophet 5 or OB-12, they’ve done me proud for so many years and appeared on almost everything I have ever written.

On that list would also be my Jupiter 8, SE Electronics SE-1 , Juno 60, Moog Source, Waldorf Micro Q man the list could go on forever to be honest…”

Marco on his favourite tunes

“There’s no way you can have a top 5 records,this is a question that has no answers as there are far too many. Inspirational artists is a much easier one, currently John Heckle, Marc D Cantu, JTC are getting played a lot in the household but these artists change from month to month.

My overall favourite and all time numero uno for me has to be Mr Wolfers (Legowelt). Anything he does is always right on the fuckin mark..makes me sick !!!”

Marco’s favourite clubs

1 – 69
2 – La Cheetah, Glasgow
3 – Bunker HK
4 – BSMNT, Zagreb
5 – Bay Area 51, SF

Marco also dropped in on the Hypercolour radio show to promote the EP a couple of months ago so you can get your ears around his mix from that below:

Marco Bernardi - Music For Short Attentions EP - artwork