This nugget of quality was posted by Production Unit on 11 Nov 2013, and is filled under Chatter, Reviews & Clips.

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Objekt – Objekt #3


Berlin-based producer Objekt has always been synonymous with the edict ‘quality over quantity’.  Over a couple of twelves on his eponymous label, a handful of collaborations elsewhere and one dizzying drop on Hessle Audio, he’s barely scratched double figures in terms of the tracks he’s released.

The third release on his hand-stamped Objekt label kicks off with ‘Agnes Demise’, sounding like a fusion of old Aphex Twin or uZiq with Untold‘s finest work (circa 2009′s ‘Anaconda’ and ‘Gonna Work Out Fine’).  

It’s a deliciously dense production, layering distant radio conversation, stuttering percussive ticks, uber-stretched Reaktor sound mangling and dirty bass weight.

On the flip, ‘Fishbone’ is a tad more rhythmically conventional, mutating an electro genome where its predecessor was like atavistic grime.  It’s also more sedate, calling to mind the kind of plasticky, aloof drum machines of industrial/EBM stuff alongside occasional bitcrushed kick work and a cracking ravey dropout (static pads and a simple sine wave sub) at the 3 minute mark that unifies the piece in its second half.

Pre-order the vinyl from Boomkat here where it’ll ship at the end of the week, or tie a knot in your internet hankie for the digi which’ll be here on November 18th.

objekt 3 stamp