London’s Ali Wells AKA Perc is without a doubt one of the electronic music world’s most highly respected producers and as his profile has grown over the years, his label Perc Trax has also.

Originally set up in 2004 as an outlet for his own material it’s since grown arms and legs and been home to material from artists like Truss, Forward Strategy Group, Hans Bouffmyhre and many more. To mark the label’s tenth birthday Perc has gathered exclusive material from some label mainstays alongside some names new to Perc Trax but who fit perfectly within its framework including Clouds and Happa.

The tracks form the “Slowly Exploding” album, featuring one disc of all new exclusives and a second disc featuring a mix from Perc packed end to end with highlights from the label’s catalogue.

Check out the previews below and pop over to the Perc Trax Bandcamp to pick it up.

The Perc Trax discography is packed with brilliant pieces of music but it’s all too easy to miss the odd release here and there and we were sure there had to be lots of unearthed gems within the label’s history. So, to find out about the lost gems within, we spoke to Perc himself and asked him to pick out ten personal favourites that he feels may not have received the exposure they deserved.

Over to Perc…

Perc picks 10 lost gems from his Perc Trax imprint as it marks 10 years of releases with the ‘Slowly Exploding’ compilation

Perc – 1909 (Millie’s Dark Room mix)

Dark-as-you-like broken beat remix from Millie aka MLZ aka half of Millie & Andrea and Demdike Stare, adding just a touch of junglist grit to the original mix.

Ben Gibson – In A Realized Luck Of Immanence (album)

Perc Trax’s first full length release and subject to a controversial RA review at the time. Experimental techno that paved the way for the label’s later success with the album format.

Furfriend – Endless September (Vapauteen Remixes)

Two remixes, both of which made it on to the vinyl of Furfriend’s debut Perc Trax release from one of LIES‘ original artists.

Perc – Loopong

Improvised experimental track that I made in 1996 for a college project. It was finally released on Perc Trax 10 years later. Tape loops, dentist drills and analogue synths. I’m still proud of this today and it is the earliest recording of mine that has been made commercially available.

Gary Beck – Drifting

It did well at the time but is not discussed much now. Gary delivered a 113 bpm slow-grinder for Perc Trax, a world away from his peak-time outings.

Two remixes from me also helped defined my sound at that time.

Forward Strategy Group – We’re Looking For Manpower

There is an alternate universe somewhere out there where this is the final tune of every DJ set.

ASC – Magnetic

Jagged, vocal-led broken beat techno from ASC’s only Perc Trax EP. Also see his remix of ‘My Head Is Slowly Exploding’ for further proof of his genre-hopping genius.

Truss – Osbasten

One of the first sightings of Truss on Perc Trax, built upon a popping, heavily shuffled groove. Sonic elements that have characterised his recent success can be heard peeking out of this EP, which also features an early remix from Tessela.

Forward Strategy Group – Ident

Opening track to their debut album and one of the most ‘up’ tracks in the label’s catalogue. Something emotive and unexpected with more than a touch of 80s synth balladry in there.

Go Hiyama – Mathematical Accuracy (Norman Nodge Remix)

Berghain resident Nodge transforms one of Perc Trax’s most ferocious releases into one of the deepest and most experimental remixes the label has released.

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