This nugget of quality was posted by Production Unit on 11 Nov 2013, and is filled under Chatter, Reviews & Clips.

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Perctrax vs Polegroup Part 1

Reeko artist image

Both Perc Trax and Pole Group are well established names in the techno universe, dropping bombs from the likes of Forward Strategy Group, Samuli Kemppi and Oscar Mulero, so it’s no surprise to see them combine in this series of releases.

Repping for Pole Group are Reeko and Christian Wunsch.  The former steals the show with his ‘Recharger’, laying white noise-ish offset percussion over a peripatetic locomotive beat.  His ‘Blue Album’ surprisingly failed to grab me (despite being a critical success elsewhere) but this sees him pushing my buttons again.  

Wunsch brings another highlight; more subtle, less peak time, but a highly effective dancefloor tool with enough intricate sound design to maintain interest throughout.

The Perc Trax element is brought by boss man Perc and Sawf.  Ali Wells, as Perc, has many strings to his bow, but for me the one based on jackhammer industrial 4/4s is the least enticing so it’s the weakest track on offer.  Sawf centres on a partially off-kilter kick drum and an oddly misplaced low synth hook that somehow manages to work.  There’s a great balance to the production, with a rounded selection of elements all through the sonic range.

Overall, Perctrac vs Pole Group Part 1 is a very healthy package indeed and, as if that wasn’t enough, a second installment in the series arrives next month, featuring Oscar Mulero, Exium, Forward Strategy Group and Manni Dee.

Grab a couple of freebies from the Pole Group Bandcamp page right now, and keep an eye there for the full release on 11.11.13 (vinyl) / 18.11.14 (digi).

Perctrax vs Polegroup cover art