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Phuturelabs – Experiment 28 on Radio Magnetic – featuring Production Unit

Production Unit

A side-step from the usual format for our latest Radio Magnetic show as we focus on the forthcoming work of Dave Donnelly. A veteran (sorry Dave!) of the Glasgow Djing and music production scene, Dave’s work stretches from the legend that is Marcia Blaine School for Girls via Dirty Hope to his main solo project – Production Unit.

He co-runs the cassette based Broken60 imprint and last year released the brilliant “There Are No Shortcuts In A Grid System” album for Broken20.

His productions cover the entire spectrum of electronic music and for this show Dave’s delivered two brilliant mixes showcasing his latest work. On top of that we also got the chance to ask some barely relevant questions about music as well as past, present and future happenings.

A real musical treat this one. Download or stream below and head on over to the episode page on Radio Magnetic to show some love.


Dour Tonic Input – Good Low Rumbles
Robert Hood – Slow Motion Katrina
Dour Tonic Input – Step Again, Slender Man
Dour Tonic Input – Getting Caribbean
Dour Tonic Input – Immaculate Stone 1.0
Dour Tonic Input – Sick Violins
Dour Tonic Input – Greying, My Gang

Interview (with Production Unit – No Grid For Sure as bed)

Production Unit – Triplet Voices
Production Unit – Strengthener
Production Unit – Sickener
Production Unit – Moaner
Production Unit – Bell Jar Jam Jar
Production Unit – Emportant