There’s no doubt that Glasgow’s Soma Records is one of the biggest labels in the world of electronic music. From their first release in 1991 (Slam’s classic “Eterna”) to the latest outing in their catalogue, the quality has remained top drawer throughout and the catalogue includes many a genre-defining moment.

We’ve teamed up with the fine folks at the label to present the “Soma Selects” series, a special mix and interview feature curated by Soma and showcasing the finest new producers and DJs coming through their release schedule. The first installment featured a rather fine mix from Oliver Deutschmann and for volume 2 we welcome Italian producer Roberto Clementi.

Clementi’s been releasing top notch techno since 2008 and made his debut for Soma last year with “Feelings of Empathy”. His latest outing comes in the shape of the brilliant three-tracker “Promise” with first track “When Love Clashes” being a huge favourite around these parts.

The EP is available now over at the Soma Shop and we recommend getting your mits on it asap.

He’s kindly put together a rather tidy mix for the second in the “Soma Selects” series with tunes from the likes of Robert Hood, Exium and Lone all put together perfectly (full tracklisting over on Soundcloud).

Download or stream his mix below and read on to find out more about one of Italy’s finest producers and DJs – Roberto Clementi.

Tell us about the mix, how did you approach it and what can listeners expect to hear?

When I approach a DJ set I want to show my techno vision, I like crossing toward warm moments with melodic and trippy sounds to Detroit running techno. When I’m playing on a big sound system I don’t like to play a linear pounding techno trip, so I like to vary the pressure level of the dancefloor to create the right atmosphere with surprises at the right time. So dub techno with a different musical heart and sometimes a little housey vibe.

Tell us about one piece of music that inspired you to become a DJ or producer and why/how did it have such an effect?

The list of the names could be infinite, when I was young I listened to grunge and punk music for years. When I was sixteen I started to attend clubs and set up my studio. My rock music time ended with Radiohead and started a new era with Aphex Twin.

I started DJing after three years of production. I listened to a lot of music, but not only dub techno, I like also the electronic scene, Warp, R&S, Domino etc, this is the reason why my sound is so electronically influenced.

What’s your current sure-fire dancefloor killer?

I like the raw techno scene, artists like Skudge, Jonas Koop, DVS1, Cosmin TRG but I don’t always have the same musical approach for the party sets. A fat dancefloor killer? Recently it’s been the Audio Injection tracks for me.


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