This nugget of quality was posted by Paul McFadyen on 03 Aug 2012, and is filled under Chatter, Classics.

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Slipmatt – Breaking Free

For some reason (it might be the slow descent of a slip into a midlife crisis) I’ve been listening to shedloads of old Helter Skelter & Dreamscape tapes of late and getting all nostalgic about jumping in a minibus and heading towards the Sanctuary in Milton Keynes without really having a clue where we’re going.

Anyway, one of my favourite tunes from the early 90s was this chunky jungle monster from Slipmatt. With its floaty atmospheric pads and tough as you like amens and sub bass, it perfectly captures a time and place and still sounds phenomenal to this day, not far from two decades after its release in 1994.

While we’re on the old skool tip, it’s more than worth keeping an eye on Slipmatt’s Soundcloud for classic mixes and tunes galore.