Record labels come and go in the world of electronic music and with so many struggling financially in the days of unlimited streaming accounts and with shifty downloads still popular, the fact that Glasgow’s Soma have reached the landmark 400th release is quite something.

With a back catalogue that takes in most of the electronic genres and ranges from huge commercial successes such as Daft Punk’s “Da Funk” through to left of centre experimental outings there’s been something for anyone with a working set of ears over the years.

Who better to mark the landmark release however than Slam. With their new album landing in October, they’ve offered up a taster in the shape of “Rotary” and “Catacoustics”, two tracks of fairly full pelt techno goodness with the latter standing out for me with its moody earworm of a synth hook.

Get your hands on a digital download now or pre-order the 12″ vinyl at Juno.


The duo’s Slam Radio is also essential listening for those with a taste for top drawer house and techno with weekly guest mixes from some of the finest DJs in the world.

They took to the controls themselves for a recent session so get that down the pipes if it passed you by:

Soma Records logo

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