Paul Woolford

I’ve been listening to this album pretty much non-stop for about a week now and while I’ve put quite a lot of thought into it, I’m still struggling slightly to put my finger on exactly what makes it so brilliant.

When it comes down to it, Paul Woolford essentially takes the best elements of all your favourite electronic music genres and sub genres, throws them into a big pot and puts together a broth that ticks all the right boxes for anyone with a taste for the tougher end of the musical spectrum taking in jungle, techno, acid and so much more to deliver something much more than simply the sum of its parts.

Stunning drum work that never ventures into noodly territory underpins most of the work here, capturing the early jungle atmosphere perfectly but fear not this isn’t simply a nostalgia trip (although the MC Ribbz recording on “Soundboy Killer” certainly brought the memories back). Woolford’s taken the genre templates and shifted them out of their comfort zone to create a simply wonderful body of work that’s almost flawless in its delivery.

Available now at the Houndstooth store where CD and digital buyers are treated to a bonus disc of previously released Special Request material.

Special Request - Soul Music - artwork


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