This nugget of quality was posted by Paul Reset on 11 Oct 2013, and is filled under Chatter, Reviews & Clips.

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Studio Pressure – Presha XIII / Borneo

Photek’s series of 12″s under the Studio Pressure moniker are often spoken about in hushed tones in dnb circles and held in high regard with those who miss the days where drum n bass concerned itself more with dark clubs and dubplates than Radio 1 plays.

While Mr Parkes has been keeping himself more than busy in the years since then it seems he’s decided to write some new material under the name and this new 12 has just landed on Photek Productions.

Those looking for a quick bite of nostalgia will find themselves disappointed here as the tracks definitely sound more 2013 than early 90s but are all the better for it.

The tracks take elements of what mades those tracks so great ( the breaks so sharp they could cut glass, the rollin’ sub bass, the haunting atmospherics) and add some up to date production tricks and techniques to deliver two brilliant slabs of modern drum n bass.

You can pick this up on 12″ over at the Photek store with digital download to follow on October 28th.