This nugget of quality was posted by Paul McFadyen on 24 Feb 2014, and is filled under Chatter, Reviews & Clips.

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10 Best: DJ Equipment 2014

System2 – Smoke & Mirrors EP

System2 logo

Manchester producers System2 first popped up on Underground Audio a few weeks back with the rather tidy “Waxing Egos EP” and it seems they’re wasting no time with the first release on their own self-titled imprint already finding its way to the front of the playlists of the more discerning DJs.

Lead track “Smoke & Mirrors” is a classy slab of house with a chunky break doing it’s thang alongside horn stabs, funk vocal snippets and a bowel bothering bottom end. It’s a solid number that manages to swerve any easy genre tagging and provide something to pique the interest of those seeking something slightly left of centre.

One Records’ Hanfry Martinez drops in next to iron out the kinks and turn the opener into something a bit more straightforward but no less interesting before the rest of the EP is handed back to System2.

Third track “Nobodies Freakin” keeps things moving nicely with it’s driving 4/4 rhythm, bass hook and haunting synth hook that just sits just nicely beneath the surface before things get a tad more energetic again with “Body”.

An absolutely brilliant EP and with the Underground Audio EP also in the bag already this year it seems that 2014 should be a big year for System2.

Released on the 17th of March and available to pre-order now at Juno.