With a catalogue that stretches back to 2007 it was quite a surprise that it took London’s Max Cooper seven years to release his debut album.

It finally arrived in March of this year in the shape of “Human” and deservedly picked up plaudits a-plenty with its brilliant blend of string-led atmospheric pieces, crunchy electronica, classy techno, house and IDM alongside the perfectly placed vocals of Kathrin deBoer.

Now the album has been out for a few months it’s really had a chance to bed in and without a doubt is one of the year’s standout long-players.

While we eagerly await some new material (new EP set for release in November with hopefully some teaser clips soon), we thought we’d catch up with the man himself and find out about the tunes that influenced him when he first started writing music and the tunes that have influenced him along the way – over to Max Cooper…

Under The Influence with Max Cooper

Lusine – Every Disguise

I’ve always loved Lusine’s use of soft rich synths and melodies, combined with great grooves, details, and just beautiful production – Lots of things I’m still trying to achieve!

Deaf Center – White Lake

A beautiful sparse story – one of my favourites.

Blamstrain – Linja – Mosiak Remix

The Blamstrain remixed album has been one of my favourite electronic LPs for many years, this being my favourite track – lush electronica, no messing around.

Lamb – Gorecki

A track from one of my much listened to first year at University albums – My work with Kathrin deBoer uses a lot of the same fusions and feelings.

Special Request – Broken Dreams

I love Special Request’s update on the old UK sound I was so in to – definitely an influence on Human.

Fuck Buttons – Stalker

Fuck Buttons just build so much energy it makes my head explode – I love the power they achieve from distortion, repetition, just the right, simple, melody and chords, and measured building and building – all important lessons I’ve tried to learn from, and a style of music I’ve loved and toyed with for many years.

AIM – Cold Water Music

One of my most listened to tracks around the turn of the millennium. I’m sure it sunk in and made some changes in there.

Vaetxh – Unfolding Mechanism

Rob Clouth is the absolute master of making electronic music in my opinion, when I listen to his work it makes me feel very humble. His way with detail, melody and creative approaches has certainly influenced my own practices – at a basic level just to push myself to try and do better.

The Flashbulb – Undiscovered Colors

A beautiful combination of classical and electronic elements, and a track that has been a big influence on me over the years.

Max put together a rather brilliant live set for Clash Magazine recently, make sure to check that out below if that passed you by:

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