While originally coming to the attention of many with his hip-hop productions and beat-laden material, Paul White has, over the years, expanded his palette thoroughly and his fourth album proper “Shaker Notes” (and his first for the legendary imprint R&S) sees him firmly at the top of his game – throwing folk, soul, house and jazz all into the mix with a hefty dose of psychedelia to create what is undoubtedly a sound he can call his own.

It’s a tremendous piece of work that’s thoroughly pleasing to the ears on first play and that continues to grow with the listener as it beds itself in, proving itself to be a remarkable album that has an all round timeless feel.

Take a peek at the album below with the track “Where You Gonna Go” and get your pre-order on at the R&S shop ahead of its release on September 29th.

To try and get into the producer’s head we asked him about the tracks that influenced him when he first started producing and those that have helped him along the way and it’s an interesting selection indeed – over to Paul White…

Under The Influence with Paul White

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Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Aphex Twin definitely changed my musical life. This album is what got me on the road to electronic music, before Aphex it was straight Nirvana and guitars!

Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy

I wouldn’t be the person I am now without this Massive Attack song, the last time I took LSD about 13 years ago I took so much I stayed in the same spot, listening to this for 6 hours on repeat pretty much saved my mind!

When I moved to Bristol for uni Massive Attack really became a huge influence, the depth of emotion is incredible, mixed with heavy drums!

Boards of Canada – In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country

Boards of Canada have always been a big influence, I love their journeys in music and the places it can take you, I bought this 12″ in Bristol whilst at Uni, and it made me want to make music that takes you someplace else, to another world, in this case to a beautiful place out in the country!

George Duke – Love

A record from when I was baby, courtesy of my mum, who always loved George Duke. This tune influenced me in messages in music, and how powerfully a song can impact your mind state and thoughts!

J.J. Cale – Okie

This J.J. Cale album is more of a subconscious influence. My dad used to send me asleep to this as a baby and I think all these years later I’m discovering it had a great impact!

Miles Davis – Tanglewood Complete

To hear so many greats play together under Miles Davis is just mind blowing and life changing every time, this influenced me in how free music should always be, and how powerful that is, emotions and feel first, no boundaries or lines, and if there are any, cross them!

This concert really made me take notice of Keith Jarret so much more than I had in the past also, just watching him and how he gets lost in the music tells me the way it should always be! As Miles says, you got to play above yourself.

Hermeto – Music from the Beard – Som da Barba

Hermeto Pascoal showed me you can make music out of anything, and everything is music, rules just inhibit us and don’t really exist apart from in our minds!

Keith Jarrett – The Art of Improvisation

Documentaries can influence me more than music a lot of the time, this is fascinating and very freeing in the way of thinking.

There’s nothing more inspiring for me and influential than hearing a master tell his story and his views, and what a master Keith Jarret is! Amazing man, much inspiration in here!

Don Cherry Sweadish Documentary Part 2

This inspired me to take notice of sounds in nature so much more and to get musical ideas from nature, its all there for us, music is everywhere! And music shouldnt be measured it should just be free and enjoyed. Who’s to say whats good or bad? Just be true to yourself.

Carol Kaye: Session Legend Interview

Carol Kaye is relatively unknown, I first encountered her working with David Axelrod, then found out she has contributed to many many great inspiring songs we all know! Found this not long ago and cant stop watching it, very inspiring story/lessons/interview. You can learn a lot from this!

Under The Influence with Paul White


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